Course Keys **** What are some of the risks encountered in seeking to Mitigate-our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts? 1. Being-Wrong and/or Being-Arrogant in trying to identify who is: Responsible, Guilty, Shameable, Evil or Rejectable - - - for causing-alienation. 2. Making-False-Assumptions in doing Reflexive-Analyses of the natures of Alienative- Personal-Relationships wherein people have behaved "improperly". 3. Engaging in Unilateral-Analyses of the natures of other people's personal- rerlationships. 4. Failing-to-Begin with Patient-Listening to All-Sides of a Conflict; not just to one or two "sides" of a Two-Sided conflict, a Polarization, a Dichotomous-Way- of Seeing-Things. There are often three or more reasons for: Distrust, Avoidance, Dishonesty, Repression, Suppression, Holding-Back, etc. It is often false-and- alienative to assume-and/or-prresume that there are only two sides in a conflict. Being an Idealistic-Simplistic-Fool is not helpful when trying to Mitigate-Our- Conflicts. 5. People may be tempermentally inclined to withdraw - - - to choose to blame others for their own "safe" withdrawal. They may be mentally-ill and confused about other people's "mentally-sick": intentions, motivations, assumptions, thinking, choices and actions. What appears to be an alienative-conflict between people may be caused by a mental illness and/or genetic defect that must be treatetd in medical ways; rather than any other way. Those accused of initiating alienative- behaviors may be suffering from the injuries of: war,terrorism, rejection, bombs, guns, chemicals imposed upon them by terrorists, etc. It may be an additional injustice to blame them for their own incoherent behaviors. Injustice never cures past injustices. 6. True-Lovers and Healthy-People who have NOT directly experiences the alienative realities which are "normal" in the life styles of Domineering-Bullies, Addicts and their Codependent-Supporters - - - are NOT-LIKELY to be able to imagine or to understand the lives of such victims who are Externally-Dominated by: Fears Anxieties Terrors Terrorism Un-Met-Needs Wars Wants Absence-of-Love Ignorance Distrust That which we have never personally experienced - - - is very difficult for us to understand and cope with; so Domineering-Bullies and True-Lovers each have a difficult task - - - to understand each other's experiences and to learn how to Mitigate-Unknown-Experiences-and-Terrors. They each live in exceedingly different worlds and/or rrealms-of-strange-realities. True-Lovers and Domineering-Bullies live in such Contrasting-Realms - - - that their experiences have little-in-common. What is normal and routine in one realm - - - is unimaginable-and-a-sources-of: anxiety, fears, terrors and taboos in other realms where they are central to contrasting patterns of: Destruction versus Construction Disintegration versus Integrations Garbage/Rubble versus Civiliity/Civilization Alienations versus Strange-Intimacies Misunderstandings versus Unimaginabale-Mutual-Understandings Routine-Pretentions versus Risky-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Repressions/Suppressions versus Risky-Revelations and Reconciliations Routine-Confusion versus Risky-Clarifications Routine-Concealment versus Risky-Transparency Avoiding-Vulnerability versus Being Safely-Vulnerable in Intimacies Defending-the-Few versus Communal-Sanctuaries-for-ALL Distorted-Perceptions versus Distressing-Clarity-about-Alienations Routine-Addictions versus Routine-Hospitality-and-Generosity Routine-Greed versus Routine-Generosity Hiding-Goods versus Sharing-Gifts Hoarding-Goods versus Sharing-all-Goods Concentrating-Wealth/Power versus Distributing-Wealth/Power Winning-Collusive-Games MSD versus Transcending-Collusive-Games of MSD Mandatory-Conformity versus Liberation form Mandatory-Conformity Dishonest-Conformity versus Honest-Creative-Authenticity Threats-and-Counter-Threats versus Cooperatively Satisfying ALL Needs Unbalanced-Economies versus Building Authentic Real Communities Extremism against Extremism versus Balanced Mutual-Cooperation in LOVE Always Consuming-MORE versus Prudent Sustainable-Moderate LOVERS Exponentail-Growth of GREED versus Exponential-Growth of LOVE