Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies often form Unstable-Coalitions of people of similar "Life-Styles" to cooperate in taking advantage of vulnerable people - - - so as to concentrate more power and wealth into Greedy-Hands. Such coalitions are unstable, because Domineering-Bullies are more dedicated to their own Ego-Centric Interests, Purposes and Concerns - - - than to any transcendent and integrative: visions, ideals, values, principles, integrities, integrative-processes and ways of Graciously-Being-Together-Within-Shalom's-Communal-Sanctuaries in Robust and Long-Term-Sustainable-Ways and Life-Styles within Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship- Earth. To be "successful", Domineering-Bullies must create-and-maintain one or more set(s) of Second-Class-People - - - whom the Domineering-Bullies can easily: Seduce Mislead Enslave Rescue Redeem Save Control Dominate so that those persons will "Be-In-The-Service-Of" Domineering-Bullies. At best such arrangements are inherently-unstable, because Domineering-Bullies are in competition with each other and with inferiors - - - upon whom they are utterly dependent - - - in Insecure-Ways. The "inferior-classes" of people have in the past included: 1. Females, 2. Children, 3. Adolescents, 4. Different-Races, 5. Different-Cultures, 6. Conquered-People, 7. Uneducated-People, 8. Sick-People, 9. Confused-People, 10. Ignorant-People, 11. Provincial-People, 12. Terrified-People, 13. People of different-Religions. Keeping such people "down" does not lead to stability in the long term, because of the pervasive presence of: Alienation, Resentment, Anger, Disease, Sickness, etc. The Domineering-People who are "IN-POWER" are in competition with each other for who will be DOMINANT. That does not build stability, coherence, integrity, or good health!