Course Keys **** Our-Different-Lives lived-with-different-people depend greatly upon the different- factors-which-most-focus-our-different-patterns-of: admiration, emulation, imitation, trust, striving, meditations, hoping, expectations, reverence, worship, and thoughtless-acceptance. Our Enduring-Alienative-Conflicts are rooted within incoherent-differences among/ between factors which incoherently-focus unconditional forms of: admiration, trust, emulation, meditation, striving, worships, reverence and idolatry. The "factors" which play the most central-roles in our lives - - - may be incoherent: 1. Forms of "success", 2. Ideals, values, virtues, principles, goals, expectations, intentions, etc. 3. Compulsive: preoccupations, fears, anxieties, terrors, repressions, suppressions 4. Visions, Dreams, Dramas, Fantasies, Hopes, etc. 5. Efforts to WIN our most important Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. When the predominant-Factors which Motivate-and-Guide our different lives are NOT: 1. Coherent, 2. Well-Integrated, 3. Coordinated, 4. Foci of Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with different people, 5. Foci of Objective-and-Reflexive Systems-Analyses, 6. Foci of Thoughtful, Informed and Careful-Meditations, 7. Examined by any Whole-Community-of-Many-Different-People - - - - - THEN Alienative-Conflicts are: Ignored, Hidden, Repressed; Honored, Admired and Worshipped as "gods" - - - in Idolatrous-Rituals of Worship-and-Reverence in: Violent, Coercive, Destructive, Dishonest and Addictive - - - Wars, Terrorist-Attacks, Defenses, Crimes, Rejections, Exclusions, Excommunications, Banishments, Genocides, and Destructions of All-Grounds-for-Honest-Hope - - - - - - by Playing-to-WIN Favorite-Collusive-Games-of- Mutual-Self-Deception with our best "friends".