Course Keys **** To move toward a Well-Integrated and Healthy-Global-Civilization - - - we need to develop a Clear-Vision of the Essential-Foundations of any Mature-Well-Integrated-and-Healthy-Civilization - - - even if we are Not-Net-There-Yet. It is difficult to "make-improvements" if we have No-Vision of What-Would-Be-Better - - - than what we now are experiencing! The above is Not-Equivalent to mature plans for just how to make the transition from what we are now experiencing here, to the fulfillment of any Mature-Well-Integrated-and-Healthy-Civilization. If we had reliable plans for just how to make that transition; then Making-The-Transition would be just a Technical-Problem. Making-the-Transition is not just a Technical-Problem - - - - because we do not have a true global consensus about a Clear-Vision of the Essential-Foundations of any Mature-Well-Integrated-and-Healthy-Civilization. True-Lovers and Domineering-Bullies are engaged in Alienative- Conflicts about the nature of a Well-Integrated and Healthy-Global-Civilization. It is not yet entirely clear how they will be able to Graciously-Mitigate their Alienative-Conflicts. Even if we were in agreement about what might be the Foundations-for-Developing-a-Plan-for-the-Transition - - - those Foundations would not be the same as any set of Adequate Foundations-for a Well-Integrated and Healthy-Global-Civilization. The two kinds of foundations are different - - - to be clarified by different people with different: perspectives, talents, training and dedications to different coherent-clusters-of-virtues - - - appropriate to the different needs and dilemmas. We are likely to create tragic outcomes if we expect any particular leader to play major roles in laying and building upon the two different kinds of foundations - - - for two different kinds of endeavors. We may reasonably expect that there will be significant conflicts between the priorities of leaders in the two different kinds of endeavors; conflicts which we should avoid internalizing within any one leader, and then asking that leader to lead coherently with integrity - - - even though the leader has been forced to internalize a significant conflict.