Course Keys **** There are many different kinds of intimacy: 1. Children's friendships, 2. Children's playing together, 3. Doing homework together, 4. Adolescent friendships, 5. Adolescents' playing together, 6. Adolescents' dating/courting, 7. Adults' friendships, 8. Adults engaged in financial contracts, 9. Adults engaged in open and honest dialogues, 10. Adults engaged in sexual intimacies. There cannot be any truly authentic personal intimacy between two people at any given time and place in the ABSENCE of: 1. Them both having the maturity, knowledge and power to say no and to withdraw from a particular kind of intimacy - - - should they feel unduly threatened by its risks, as it is evolving. 2. Healthy communal patterns of communal leaders working to cooperatively Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts when and where there are disparities in Wealth-and-Powers among/between persons and coalitions of persons. 3. Consensuses about the importance of Mutually-Supportive-and-Balanced Clusters-of-Virtues such as: Openness Honesty Dialogue Listening Civility Hospitality Generosity Sympathy Empathy Justice Due-Process Civil-Rights Tolerance Patience Civility Integrity Authenticity Clarity Transparency Coherence Cooperation Shalom Hospitality Generosity 4. CANDOR-ABOUT-PEOPLE who are Playing-to-WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; e.g., as Domineering-Bullies, Addicts, Codependent-Supporters-of-Addicts, Mobbing-Mobsters, Terrorists, Counter-Terrorists, Militarists, and other forms of Alienated/Alienative Extremists. 5. Recognitions of, Acknowledgements of, and Descriptions of the Alienative-Costs-of-Knowing: Who-is-Evil, Who-is-Good, and What-God's-Will is for Vulnerable-Other-Inferior-People. 6. Consensuses among/between: individuals, families, friends, groups, congregations and legislatures - - - about how to draw clear-boundaries between: appropriate, integrative, prudent and safe intimacies - - - and intimacies that are NOT-SAFE-FOR-DOMINEERING-BULLIES - - - as Victims-of-such-Intimacies and/or as Participants-within-such-Intimacies. No Domineering-Bullies can be Safe-Enough if they are not all Perfectly-Clear-About-ALL-Intimacies and Near-Intimacies!