Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies are not Coherent-Members of a Coherent-Political-Party that is advancing a Coherent-Agenda for the good of all people who are "like" themselves. Domineering-Bullies are in Mortal-Combat with each other for being Totally-In-Control. In order to fulfill their Live-Style, Domineering-Bullies must minimize the ability of others to: resist, object-to, clearly-see, clearly-describe, transcend, subvert or otherwise prevent "success" on the part of other Domineering-Bullies to achieve their goals to: 1. Concentrate-Wealth, 2. Concentrate-Power, 3. Defeat-Each-Other, 4. Be-in-Control, 5. Be-Dominant, 6. Win-collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception, 7. Know Who-is-Evil, 8. Know Who-is-Good, 9. Know God's Absolute-Truth, 10. Subvert the Integrities of True-Lovers, 11. Confuse Accurate Descriptions of Themselves, 12. Confuse Vices-and-Virtues with each other. To "succeed" Domineering-Bullies must Defeat each Other-Domineering-Bully. No other Domineering-Bully can be allowed to be More-Dominant! That is the nature of life!