Course Keys **** Humane-Civilizations cannot-survive in any sustainable-way in the presence of many Inhumane-Realities that engender more Alienative-Conflicts and additional Inhumane-Alienation - - - thereby Destroying-Humane Integrities-and-Integrative- Processes. The following words and phrases are suggestive of the roots of such Tragic-Inhumane-Realities: Greed Covetousness Envy Hoarding Slavery Domination Unilateral-Controls Unilateral-Decisions Distrust Secrecy Excommunications Shunnings Exclusivity Banishments Unilateral-Actions Violence Coercion Terrorism Wars Wealth-Concentrations Power-Concentrations Unilateral-Controls Torture Domination Inhumane-Deprivations Luxury-Concentrations Systemic-Injustice Distributive-Injustice Fears Wanting-More Health-Insurance-for-Greater-Profits No-Right-to-Communal-Health-Care-and-Integrity In the absence of True-Lovers working intentionally in regular daily work to help people to Mitigate-Their-Own-Tragic- Alienative-Conflicts and their own patterns of consequent-alienation - - - the above Tragic-Inhumane-Realities will endure and undermine all sustainable forms of civility and civilization. This is not the duty or responsibility of somebody else!