Course Keys **** To effectively Mitigate-the-Alienative-Conflicts that Domineering-Bullies create and maintain - - - we need to have clear grounds upon which to base recognitions of the "what", "why" and "how" of Domineering-Bullies'-Life-Styles. We need to educate/train ourselves to be: able, willing, and ready to act with Gracious-Convictions - - - to Cooperate in Mitigating-our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts into which we are lead by people seeking to PROFIT from Alienative-Conflicts. We need to generate Gracious-Consensus about how to identify Clusters-of-INTEGRITY-THREATENING: Attitudes, Assumptions, Approaches, Perspectives, Goals, Hopes, Expectations, Intentions, Aspirations, etc. - - - and to form Consensuses about how to Graciously-Mitigate such threats promptly. What is proposed above is NOT: Obvious, Simple or Easy to do. There will be people who will be Motivated-by-Greed to oppose-what-is-proposed-here; doing so for ostensibly "good" and "righteous" reasons. We need to work cooperatively to recognize their Alienative-Motivations and to work to facilitate-and-promote: reconciliation, healing, integrations, health and enduring sustainable-integrities --- for ALL persons and communities - - - in ways that mitigate: biases, prejudices, ignorance, injustices, greed and alienation. Be-Together in Shalom's Ways.