Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies often act as if they should always be: In-Charge, In-Control, Dominant-over-Others, etc. They often act as if others have no right to be independent of and free of Domineering-Bullies'-Influences; with no right to make their own choices and/or to exercise their own rights guaranteed under constitutional provisions and international- agreements and treaties. Domineering-Bullies often "think" and "perceive" things only in egotistical terms of their special perceptions of reality; failing to be in touch in Shalom's Cooperative-Ways with different other people who are truly: healthy, authentic and well integrated in graciously cooperative efforts with many different healthy and creative people. We all need to work openly-and-honestly in Shalom's-Cooperative-Ways to Truly-and-Helpfully Mitigate Our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts with their reliably Tragic-Outcomes-and-Fruits. We all need to prudently grant all people the right to resist-the-efforts of Domineering-Bullies to be: In-Charge, In-Control, Dominant-over-Others, etc. We should NOT grant other people the Right-to-Resist-Bullies In-the-Manner-of-Bullies; through additional efforts to be: In-Charge, In-Control, Dominant-over-Others, etc. through the DECEPTIVELY-SKILLFUL-USE-AND-ABUSE-OF: Dishonesty Pretentions Arrogance Coercion Excommunications Shunnings Wages Exclusivity Hierarchies Cast-Systems Punishments Slavery Rewards Prisons Taxes Insurance-Policies Health-Care Threats Attacks Addictions Codependents The-Military Secret-Assassinations Economics Legislation Police-State-Tactics Dictatorships Terrors Wars-Against Terrorism Colonialism Economic-Hits Men-In-Military-Service Child-Soldiers Certainty Loyalty Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception-for-Sure