Course Keys **** There are many occasions where we may focus upon EITHER: (1) What WE have discerned was a person's "intent" in choosing and acting upon a course of action' OR upon: (2) Objective evidence that exists about the OUTCOME of the person's choices and actions. Which of the two foci is likely to be the more helpful focus of attention; honorable, worthy of admiration and likely in the long-term to bear "sweet-fruits"? 1. How reliable is any "discernment" of another person's or group's "intent" in any choice? 2. How can the various motives that are bound to play roles in any "discernment" - - - be reliably-detected, interpreted and "verified" --- in light of the fact that the motives of all of the people involved in the "discernment" are "reflexive-inter-personal-relationships" - - - NOT-OBJECTIVE-REALITIES. 3. In comparison; how reliably can people observe the objective facts about the outcomes of chosen and carried out actions - - - which may have violated people's constitutional human rights, laws, contracts and international agreements - - - and may have created and/or maintained Alienative-Conflict in Tragic-Ways evidenced by OBJECTIVE FACTS in the lives of many people?