Course Keys **** To become free of our comfortable prisons created for us by Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters; we must Let-Go of: 1. Their-Myths-Supportive-of Unilaterally-Imposed-Redemptive: Violence Coercion Controls Rescues Salvation Guilt Shame Excommunications Pretentions Dishonesty Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception 2. Comfortable falsehoods that we have accepted and internalized due to the above Unilateral-Impositions. 3. Our Fears-of-True-Lovers and of Communal-Sanctuaries that they build and maintain to facilitate and encourage risky Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about all of our own and others people's: Experiences Desires Needs Pleasures Insights Integrities Fears Anxieties Terrors Vulnerabilities Risks Costs Mistakes Errors Tragedies etc. 4. Our manufacturing, purchasing and consuming unsustainable growing amounts of non-essential "goods" which later fill our "land-fills" and pollute God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earths' Environments, and augment Global- Warming and Oceans-Risings into MOST of our Mega-Cities BECAUSE THEY ARE ON OCEAN COASTS. 5. Our-Feeling: Guilty Ashamed Apologetic Needing-to-Confess-our-Sins of not Stimulating-and-Growing "THE-ECONOMY" to prop-up the Profits due to excessive manufacturing of MORE "Goods". 6. Our Temptations to Respond-to-Domineering-Bullies "IN KIND" using their UN-KIND ALIENATIVE-TOOLS/TECHNOLOGIES. 7. SUGGESTION: Read insightful books such as: "Collapse, How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed". The following essay may be of interest in the above regards: b0901301.htm with related thoughts.