Course Keys **** An "ECONOMY" can be robust, enduring and sustainable with integrity - - - only to the extent that it is FREE-OF: 1. Playing Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about what are truly essential humane services, goods and possessions in meeting the authentic basic true needs of all of the members of the crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship- Earth which is Essentially-Isolated from Extra-Terrestrial Sources-of-Material-Resources that humans might go to bring back to Space-Ship-Earth. 2. Systemic patterns of Distributive-Injustice due to Alienative-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers. 3. Enduring Alienative-Conflicts over what Isolated-Ideals-and-Values are most important In-Isolation. 4. Ignorance and Confusion about what are the Essential-Foundations of Personal-and-Communal Integrities, Integration- Processes, Health, and Long-Term-Sustainability. 5. Ignorance/Confusion about Authentic-Clusters of: ideals, values, virtues, principles, hopes, expectations, intentions, assumptions, and approaches to all other members of the crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-Isolated from additional material-resources to sustain Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth for Life. 6. Pretentions about knowing: Who-is-Good, Who-is-Evil, Who-is-Superior, Who-is-Inferior, and what God's-Transcendent Will-IS for each mortal. 7. Myths that affirm the Redemptive Powers of: Violence, Coercion, Domination, Bullying, Mobbing, Unilateral-Actions, Exponential-Growth-in-Consumption, Possessions, and Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers - - - without limits. 8. Ignorance and Confusions/Conflicts over what is ultimately-impossible - - - and what is ultimately-possible. 9. Confusions/Conflicts over the upper-limits in the amounts of pure-resources that are ultimately-available to mortals: Pure-Air, Pure-Water, Pure-Soils, Fossil-Fuels, Pure-Minerals, etc. - - - and how to distribute rights to their uses. 10. Ignorance and Confusion/Conflicts about what kinds of humane-relationships are overall-sustainable in-the-long-term; and honesty about such possible humane-relationships; and how to facilitate them. 11. Ignorance and Confusion/Conflicts about reliably-descriptive laws-and-theories of physics-and-chemistry; e.g., about CONSERVATION of: energy, linear-momentum, angular-momentum, charge, isotopic-spin, baryon-number, lepton-number, etc. 12. Ignorance and Confusion/Conflicts about what and who is in the long-term and in sustainable-ways: honorable, admirable, helpful, authentic and well-integrated. 13. Ignorance and Confusions/Conflicts over what certificates-of-authenticity of mortgaged-valuable-possessions - - - are worthy of respect, honor, trust, etc. 14. Ignorance and Confusions/Conflicts over what Collections-Of: mortgages, deeds and manufactured goods - - - will have enduring value. 15. Ignorance and Confusion/Conflicts over what our "economic-systems" are really serving: the "common-good", personal- health, communal-health, personal-and-communal integrities and integration-processes, etc. to facilitate The- Mitigation-of and/or the Learning-From: Alienative-Conflicts Open-and-Honest-Dialogues Mistakes Blunders Tragedies Simplistic-Ideals Arrogance Domination Redemptive-Violence Redemptive-Controls Failures Pretensions Dishonesty Redemptive-Shunnings Excommunication Alienations 16. DISTRUST of those who have control of the greatest wealth and power; and distrust of "strangers" Whom-We-Do-Not-Know.