Course Keys **** Anyone who allows themself to overcome involved in Truly-Intimate-Relationships of Open-and-Honest Sharing of their OWN: Interests Experiences Desires Pleasure Hopes Aspirations Fears Anxieties Terrors Wealth Powers Vulnerabilities Risks Perceptions Insights etc. THEREBY BECOMES A TRAITOR TO THE SUCCESSFUL LIFE-STYLES OF: Domineering-Bullies Mobbing-Mobsters Terrorists Egocentric-Generators-of-Alienative-Conflicts Militarists-and-Militants Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes Concentrators-of-Wealth-and-Powers Such Traitors to-the-long-trusted Status-Quo within many: Cultures, Religions, Professions and Nations - - - - are not likely to be: Admired, Trusted, Accepted or entrusted with additional Wealth-and-Powers. A sad state of affairs! We must remember that Alienative-Conflicts can be Mitigated only by the Participant-Victims of the Alienative-Conflicts! Outside-Intruders will be rejected in the future, as they have regularly been rejected in the past! It is time for us Ourselves to cooperate in Mitigating-OUR-OWN Tragically-Alienative-Conflicts!