Course Keys **** What is most appropriate for each person to do in each new circumstance of evolving environments, contexts and personal relationships? (What "should" each person do? When? Where? How? Why? etc.) 1. Assess present committments and responsibilities. . . . 2. Assess their own particular talents, skills, training, knowledge, understandings, opportunities, possibilities, . . . 3. Asses their particular current pattern of relationships. . . . 4. Assess their available limitetd resosurces that they can legitimately make use of now and in their future lives. . . 5. Assess the probabilities of being helpfully successful in particular possible gracious ways. . . . 6. Assess the probabilities of their contributing net, long-term, win-win-outcomes for all persons affected. . . . 7. Seek to graciously work for long-term net-mitigations of their-own-alienative-conflicts. . . . The most meaningful and significant Badges-of-Honor that we can wear - - - are the most integrative and essential mutually-supportive-clusters of essential-and-coherent: virtues, ideals, values, principles etc. - - - that we affirm coherently thorugh our words, our patterns of setting personal-priorities, and our patterns of being cooperative with our different family-members, friends, and neighbors - - - in support of evolving forms of personal-and-communal integrities and integration-processes.