Course Keys **** Efforts to articulate new coherent-clusters of mutually-supportive ideals, values, principles and virtues --- and to then elicit open-and-honest-dialogues about them - - - will falter and fail IF those leading in such efforts become closely associated in people's minds with: 1. Efforts to Control/Dominate the thoughts, desires, hopes, attitudes communications and behaviors of the most vulnerable people. 2. Efforts of people to concentrate wealth and powers - - - at the expense of poor and vulnerable people. 3. Official-Governmental activities - - - even if they do not include the efforts suggested just above. 4. People who have reputations of engaging in mutually-exclusive behaviors-and-affirmations. 5. Patterns of Domination, Control, Arrogance, Intolerance, etc. The question will always be: "How-Authentic are the Over-All Long-Term efforts of the leaders in the above Articulation-Work."