Course Keys **** There are many tragic occasions of Confusion, Misunderstanding and Alienative-Conflicts - - - pertaining to: questions, issues, possibilities, impossibilities and realities - - - that relate to: 1. Miracles, 2. God's Powers, 3. Mortal's Powers, 4. Objective-Realities, 5. Descriptive-Thoroughly-Confirmed-Natural-Laws, 6. Prescriptive/Proscriptive Reflexive-Laws regarding Mortal's-Relationships, 7. Human-Knowledge, 8. Mortals Who are Good and/or Evil Mortals, 9. Human: Purity, Unity and/or Integrity, 10. Probabilities and/or Certainties; Spectrums and/or Dichotomies. The long-History of Human-Experiences suggests that it is probably true that True-Lovers Working-Cooperatively within Communal-Sanctuary-Communities-of-Shalom's-Ways-for-All; have Reliably-Dealt-With many of the above kinds of OCCASIONS; More helpfully than have-People-Who-Are: 1. Domineering-Bullies, 2. Mobbing-Mobsters, 3. Arrogant-Simplistic-Tragic-Idealistic-Fools, 4. Greedy, 5. Concentrators of Wealth-and-Powers, 6. Insensitive to their own forms of Complicity in Alienative-Conflicts, 7. Insensitive to Alienative: Convictions, Assumptions, Presumptions, Attitudes --- as causing Alienations, 8. Insensitive to Alienative: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Standards --- as causing Alienations. 9. Alienative-Technologies/Technocrats/Technocracies - - - That are Efficient, Successful, Honored, Admired, etc. 10. Invulnerable to other's real: Needs, Suffering and Patterns-of-Alienation due to some of the above realities. We all need to be dedicated/committed to the study of how to approach the challenges pointed to above - - - so as to most helpfully Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts which are Present-Within-Our-Lives-and-Communities. In all of the above - - - what is essential is that we continue to be engaged with many different other people in Open- And-Honest-Dialogues - - - about what each of us perceives to be: true, reliable, robust, authentic, and long-term admirable and sustainable in our relationships - - - with personal-and-communal integration-processes and present- integrities sustained in Balanced-Ways for the Long-Term. It is neither essential nor necessary - - - that there be any final authoritative agreement among all people who have concentrated great wealth-and/or-powers into their own hands. - - - Given the natures of such people; such a final authoritative agreement is unlikely to occur at any time and/or place - - - and it would be of little significance were it to occur under the best of times, places and circumstances.