Course Keys **** To be helpful in Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts - - - we must focus in a disciplined/intentional way upon the essential elements and foundations of a PROCESS which TRANSCENDS the: 1. Polarizations and Dichotomies that are present due to the Alienative-Conflict-Histories that have existed. 2. Greed, Power, Wealth and Relationships-of-Alienation which are Present within the Communities that are Present. 3. Misleading Raw-Emotions which are guiding and motivating people in thoughtless-alienative ways. 4. Temptations to try to Control what we cannot Control with any significant level of integrity or grace. 5. Temptations to Know Who-is-Evil-or-Good. 6. Temptations to Know What is God's-Will. 7. Temptations to Know What are God's Judgements. 8. Temptations to Know What are Isolated-Superior-Virtues in which we Excel. 9. Temptations to RANK-ORDER Our Virtues and Other-Humans according to levels of acceptability/rejectability. We need to be clear about some activities which are neither Essential-nor-Sufficient in Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts; which in fact will often undermine our Authentic-Efforts to Graciously-Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts; e.g.: 1. Arbitration by superior people and/or powerful-coalitions of people. 2. Winning superior advantages through the concentration of powers and/or wealth. 3. Clearly and authoritatively identifying inferior people who should be losers and/or punished for evil-deeds. 4. Fighting and Defeating Evil-People and Enemies of our Good-Standards. 5. Excommunicating Non-Conformists who refuse to Honor our Good-Standards. 6. Promoting and/or Mandating Enthusiastic Conformity to our Good-Standards for being Acceptable Neighbors. 7. Controlling improper forms of Communication of Unauthorized-Truths. 8. Controlling improper forms of Exploration and/or Intimacy. 9. Controlling UNAUTHORIZED forms of: Discernment, Understanding, Exploration and/or Creativity. 10. Unilaterally-Resolving UNAUTHORIZED-CONFLICTS with Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters. 11. The services of our Highly-Competent-and-Powerful Technocrats-and-Technologies. 12. Unilateral-Powerful-Conflict-Resolutions on behalf of Superior-People. 13. Discerning and Carrying-Out God's Will. 14. Getting/Buying the Services of High-Ranking Political-Leaders of God's-Political-Party. 15. Knowing Who-is-Evil and/or Who-is-Good and/or Who-is-Superior and/or Who-is-Inferior. 16. Eliminating Original-Sin, Evil-People, Evil-Nations, Evil-Ideals, Evil-Texts, Evil-Images, etc. 17. Purifying those people who are not beyond redemption by us.