Course Keys **** Questions, affirmations, comments and statements - - - convey different particular and kinds of: meanings, significance, importance and implications - - - depending upon many factors: 1. The contexts within which they are offered, found, received, talked about, interpreted, etc. 2. Who offers them, is presumed to have offered them, found them and reported them, received them and reported them, talked about them, etc. 3. The timing of the above - - - relative to other events of about the same time and/or place. 4. Who initiates them, hears about them first, is the intended recipient of them, seems to be the originator of them, etc. 5. The expectations and preoccupations of the recipients, their personality types, their official and unofficial positions, powers and responsibilities. 6. Whether recipients are trying to discern personal implications which were not explicitly intended to be present. 7. Whether or not the recipients are exclusively concerned with objective facts and relationships. 8. Whether or not the recipients trust the presumed originator of the message as interpreted. 9. Whether or not the recipients are personally familiar with the originator and/or interpreter of the message. 10. Whether or not the recipients and the originator(s) of the message are both involved in some Alienative-Conflict.