Course Keys **** Ego-centric may be centered in many different ego-centric-ways - - - centered upon: 1. Their own self-serving concentrations of wealth, powers, influence, luxuries, and ways of consuming limited resources. 2. Their chosen self-serving interpretations of their favorite chosen: a. Scriptures, b. Economic systems's concentrations of wealth, power and influence. c. Public Laws that serve them well. d. Parts of God's Will for them as Good-Superior-Egocentric-People. e. Meanings of Key-Words and Conceptions which Revolve-around-Them. f. Ways of how other people need to be rescued and reformed. 3. What rights they have and/or should have, and at whose expense. 4. Which of their demands they have a right to get fulfilled at other's expense. 5. Their right to concentrate as much wealth and power as they can manage to do. 6. Their right to interrogate people who are inferior to them, most people. 7. Their right to force others to focus upon them, due to their own superior powers and own superior persistence. 8. Their own family's and friends' wants, desirers and "needs". 9. Their own religious community's wants, desires and "needs". 10. Their own favorite neighborhood's wants, desires and "needs". Ego-Centric-People neglect to focus much, if any, attention upon unimportant matters such as: 1. Distributive-Justice, 2. The Common-Good of the Whole-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-Isolated. 3. Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Present-Integrities. 4. Mutually-Supportive-Balanced-Clusters of: Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues, Truths and Affirmations. 5. Gracious ways to Mitigate our Own Alienative-Conflicts in LOVE. 6. The Essential-Foundations for both Personal-and-Communal Integrities and Integration-Processes. Ego-Centric-People, Greedy-People, Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - are reluctant to try to defend their behaviors by offering any CLEAR, OPEN, HONEST and AUTHENTIC: 1. Affirmations of their own priorities, values, ideals, principles, etc. 2. Statements of their most fundamental assumptions and attitudes. 3. Patterns of reasoning, logic, thinking, and grounds for hope. 4. Statements of anticipated costs and benefits of their unilateral efforts. They will not do any of the above, because doing so would expose their lack of Integrity, Authenticity, Coherence, etc. Their Invulnerability would be compromised! That is not permitted! Were Ego-Centric-People to leave True-Lovers free to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues in private, intimate and healthy relationships - - - they would be dangerously free to expose how completely Ego-Centric people lack: Integrity, Coherence, Authenticity, Health, Hospitality, Generosity, etc. That would be INTOLERABLE! Such Privacy-and-Freedoms are INTOLERABLE!