Course Keys **** Most Widely-Honored, Successful, Large, and Well-Organized Religious-Groups contain some Tragic-Flaws - - - - for some of the following reasons: 1. They have concentrated-much-power-and-wealth in corrupt-ways that have often been concealed-by-collusive-games-of- mutual-self-deception - - - that are inevitably alienative because of the Alienative-Conflicts which the games create. 2. By being tolerant and inclusive of many diverse people - - - they have included many people with many internalized Alienative-Conflicts pertaining to Incoherent-Non-Integrated: ideals, values, principles, virtues, hopes, aspirations, intentions, perspectives, assumptions, approaches, expectations and wants - - - and so lacking in integrity. 3. By being: pure, superior, orthodox, unified and well-conformed in proper-honored-ways - - - they have gathered- loyally-around-to-defend Alienative-Conflicts over who should-win and be "IN" and who should-lose and be "OUT": excommunicated, banished, shunned, burned-at-the-stake - - - as well-identified Evil-People. 4. By Presuming-to-Be Lovers-of-Neighbors and of Just-One-Exclusive-God Whom-they-Cannot-Know-and-Describe-Fully; they have created Alienative-Conflicts between the nature of the One-Omnipotent-Omniscient-Transcendent-Eternal-GOD from whom they are alienated - - - and their "different-neighbors" whom they do not know and pretend do not exist in LOVE. 5. By focusing intently upon their superior-forms of purity-and-unity in large-congregations - - - they have become unable to be open-and-honest with each other in small truly-intimate-groups-of-neighbors who are True-Lovers within their local-neighborhoods of diverse people - - - seeking communal-foundations for personal-and-communal integrities and integration-processes that are robust, sustainable and enduring within God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth that is Essentially-Isolated from Extra-Terrestrial Material-Resources which are like those that are being exhausted by Exponential-Growths in the rates of consumption of the Finite-Material-Resources within God's-Tiny-Space-Ship- Earth. 6. By focusing upon Who: is inferior, guilty, at-fault, imperfect and rejectable - - - they have created double-and- triple-binds about what are the true-healthy-duties of people who are most: wealthy, powerful and honored - - - as regards the people who are least: wealthy, powerful and honored. Who should intimately love whom? What are their respective honorable duties and rights? How articulated and demonstrated? How clarified under changing circumstances? How enforced? How fulfilled? By whom? Why? 7. By being incoherent and lacking in integrity in regards to the management of Intimate-Personal-Relationships, Open and Honest Dialogues, Vulnerability, Invulnerability, and the Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers - - - Domineering- Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters have undermined the foundations of their Religions' Integrities, Integrative-Processes, Health, Robustness, Sustainability and Endurance; within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with its Finite Material-Resources that are Essentially-Isolated from all otherwise-possibly-useful Extra-Terrestrial similar material resources that are unimaginably-far-away in unimaginably "unfriendly" locations; forever-inaccessible to mortals. Here in God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth all Exponential-Growth-Rates-of-Consumption of all Finite-Resources will "peak" and turn over into Exponentially-Declining Rates-of-Consumption - - - and the civilizations which have depended upon Exponentially-Growing rates of consumption of finite-resources - - - will FAIL, FALL and DIE; even though the SUN will continue to shine generous amounts of energy into Space-Ship-Earth.