Course Keys **** Healthy-Intimate-Relationship are mutually desired by the authentic-participants who are involved in Healthy-Intimate- Relationships. In the absence of a person who has been involved in a Whole-Healthy-Intimate-Relationship - - - DESIRING-TO-CONTINUE- THEIR-INVOLVEMENT; that Whole-Healthy-Intimate-Relationship is not likely to endure as it is in any sustainable way. It will Cease-to-Exist as The-Whole-Which-The-Intimate-Relationship was. Relationships will change. Some participants may continue to be intimately involved with each other in some changed ways; and they may play- collusive-games-of-mutual-self-deception to-the-effect that the previous Whole-Healthy-Intimate-Relationships still exists - - - when it does not still exist. Such dishonest efforts are tragically-futile; and the intimacy is undermined by their dishonesty. The "whole" is no longer "whole" with integrity. In the light of the above facts of life - - - Healthy-Intimate-Relationships endure in sustainable ways - - - only as long as all of those who are involved therein, persist in encouraging each other to be authentically involved as equals - - - in balanced-mutually-satisfying equal-partners in their Whole-Well-Integrated-Relationship. In the light of the above - - - Healthy-Intimate-Relationships do NOT involve as Participants-Within or Controllers- Outside - - - people who persist in BEING: Dishonest Domineering-Bullies Mobbing-Mobsters Concentrators-of-Wealth Concentrators-of-Power Pretentious Addicts-of-Any-Kind Codependent-Supporters Unbalanced-Extremists Alienate-Isolated Insensitive Intolerant Not-Empathetic Not-Sympathetic Not-Hospitable Greedy Not-Gracious Not-Forgiving Players of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. The above realities of life do not exclude the possibilities of Healthy-Intimate-Relationships evolving dynamically in Mutually-Agreeable-and-Satisfying-Ways. Satisfactory evolutions are possible, normal and healthy - - - so long as the change is mutually agreeable and desired in due consideration thereof by those involved in the Health-Intimate-Relation- ships that are evolving to the satisfaction of all participants. The participants may not be able to satisfy Domineering- Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters who persist in trying to fulfill their disintegrative and unsustainable life-styles.