Course Keys **** To Become-Able to enjoy Present-Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Integrities - - - Domineering-Bullies must work to Become-Able to Let-Go-Of their Own-Most-Cherished-and-Alienative: 1. Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers, 2. Desires-for and Pretentions-of Invulnerability as equivalent to True-Security, 3. Desires-to-Enjoy more luxuries than most other persons in the Crew-of-God's Space-Ship-Earth can hope to enjoy, 4. Conflicts among their own: Virtues, Ideals, Principles, Values, Goals, Hopes, Intentions, etc. 5. Conflicts between/among the above and the effects of their: means, technologies, techniques and technocrats. 6. Conflicts inherent in trying to identify who are inherently GOOD and/or EVIL people. 7. Contentions, Polarizations and Dichotomies. 8. Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception that nobody can ever win in any meaningful/significant way. 9. Absolute-Certainties about Reflexive-Realities-and-Relationships with other people and their-dilemmas. 10. Rejections-and-Denials of the facts of life about Objective-Impossibilities. 11. Rejections-and-Denials of the facts of life about Reflexive-Impossibilities. 12. Rejections-and-Denials of the facts of life about Apparent-Impossibilities - - - actually being possible. 13. Convenient forms of: Blindness, Deafness, Insensitivity, Injustice, and Lack-of-Integrity. 14. Pretentions of Being-Superior-People; able to identify and Manufacture Inferior-People. 15. Pretentions of BEING-ABLE-TO-CONTROL the following kinds of realities within and around all kinds of people: HOPES PERCEPTIONS RELATIONSHIPS INTIMACIES COMMUNICATIONS POSSIBILITIES THOUGHTS DESIRES POWERS FEARS TRUTHS VIRTUES IDEALS VALUES PRINCIPLES VICES NEEDS WEALTH FEARS TERRORS ANXIETIES WANTS INTENTIONS UNDERSTANDINGS VISIONS DREAMS VIEWS 16. Pretentions that Domineering-Bullies are Best-Qualified to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts FOR-US!