Course Keys **** It is unlikely that a community will long-endure with personal-and-communal integrity - - - IN-THE-ABSENCE-OF: 1. General-Consensuses about how to graciously, logically, reasonably and coherently to set communal-priorities about what balanced-and-authentic: virtues, ideals, values and principles - - - to affirm and demonstrate with honor. 2. General-Consensuses about how to recognize and respond to experiences-and-evidence that some essential-clusters of the above are ABSENT and/or NEGLECTED, FORGOTTEN, REPRESSED, SUPPRESSED due to unmitigated: greed, covetousness, wants, demands, commands and extreme-concentrations of wealth-and-powers. 3. General-Consensuses about how to approach the tasks inherent in Graciously-Mitigating Alienative-Conflicts between- and-among Incoherent-and-Incomplete Clusters-of-Honored: virtues, ideals, values and principles - - - as they are actually practices and affirmed in daily life, news-media, entertainments, public-meetings and advertisements.