Course Keys **** True-Lovers Bring-Together their-own-authenticity; rather-than unilateral-demands against-unilateral-needs. True-Lovers-Together do NOT Create-Alienative-Conflicts because of uncoordinated-demands or uncoordinated-needs - - - which combine in Alienative-Conflicts. True-Lovers Come-Together in Shalom's-Many-Diverse-Gracious-Ways; rather than in Domineering-Bullies'-Unilater-Conflicted- Ways Of-Alienating-Each-Other. Authentic-True-Lovers Come-Together in Creative-New-Ways which are not just a sum-total of any Original-Unilateral: demands, wants, desires, hopes, expectations, requirements, etc. - - - In Any-Unilateral-Ways. True-Lovers are Creative-in-Authentic-Ways-of-Shalom - - - Rather than Destructive in Domineering-Bullies'-Ways. True-Lovers'-Relationships are about Gracious-Processes-in-Shalom's-Many-Mutually-Complementary-Ways - - - Rather than about Unilaterally-Being-Individualists In-Alienated-Isolation - - - OVER-AGAINST-EACH-OTHER-IN-LONELY-GREED! True-Lovers' Being-Together - - - is not predictable in terms of their Individualistic-Unilateral-Beings - - - Alone with their own UNILATERAL: Assumptions, Attitudes, Perspectives, Wants, Needs, Demands, Convictions, Absolutes, Greed, Certainties, etc. True-Lovers are being about exploring what they can Become-Together; not about what they have been in isolation before they met in any Cooperative-Ways-of-Shalom-in-LOVE. They Cooperate/Collaborate to meet Each-Other's And Their-Own Most-Basic In-Common-Needs. True-Lovers Are-Being-About exploring what they Can-Become-Together; NOT about what they Were-In-Isolation; before they met in the Many-Cooperative-Ways-of-Shalom.