Course Keys **** Redemption, Salvation and Processes of Personal-and-Communal-Integrations are all Inter-Dependent upon Gradual-Processes Built-Upon-Mutually-Agreeable: 1. Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, 2. Cooperation-and-Colaboration, 3. Intimate-Relationships and Friendships, 4. Consensuses about Virtues and Vices, 5. Consensuses about Ideals, Values and Principles; 6. Consensuses about Thoroughly Confirmed Descriptive Laws of Nature, 7. Consensuses about Thoroughly Confirmed Integrative-Theories Regarding Objective-and-Reflexive Interactions, 8. Building and Maintaining Shalom's Communal-Sanctuaries for All who seek to be in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, 9. Building/Maintaining Distributive-Justice-for-All of the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth. 10. Healthy-Evolutions in Integrative-Intimate-Relationships among True-Lovers in LOVE. 11. GRACIOUS-TRANSITIONS AWAY-FROM: Trusting, Honoring, Admiring and Protecting False-Myths about REDEMPTIVE: a. Violence, Coercion, Domination, Punishments and Excommunications. b. Unilateral-Actions-and-Reactions. c. Pretensions and Dishonesty. d. Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception. e. Alienative-Conflicts-Leading-to-VICTORY! f. Terrors, Terrorism and Terrorists Trained-to-Successfully-Defeat the Axes-of-Evil-Terrorists. g. Highly-Specialized-and-Alienated Technologies and Technocrats and Technocracies in the service of Good-Causes. h. Military-Industrial-Congressional-Complexes with Profits-for-the-most-Powerful-and-Wealthy! GOOD-DEALS! i. Powers to Declare Unilateral-Victories when they are Most-Needed. 12. GRACIOUS-TRANSITIONS TOWARD: the above eleven gradual-procedures --- within Shalom's Many Gracious-Ways/Paths of Being-Together as True-Neighbors within God's-Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial resources of PURE-ACCESSIBLE: Air, Water, Ice, Soil; Fossil-Fuels such as Oil, Natural- Gas, Coal, Methane, Organic-Wastes, U-235, U-238; Living-Species, Minerals, etc.