Course Keys **** The relative utility of resources like: Air Water Soil Fossil-Fuels Oil Natural-Gas Coal U-235 U-238 Hot-Stuff Cold-Stuff Garbage Trash Rocks Sewage Gold Silver Iron Copper Zinc Platinum Titanium Depends to a very large extent upon the following kinds of factors: 1. The amounts of them that are available in each accessible location. 2. The Degrees of Purity-and-Concentration of each deposit of them. 3. Where the resources are compared to where they can be made well use of them. 4. The energy that will have to be consumed to purify-and-transport them to where people want them in pure forms. 5. What prices known potential users of the pure transported forms of them - - - are willing to pay for them, and when. 6. The political efforts and decisions that need to be agreed upon - - - before they can be acquired, purified and used. 7. The forms of Alienative-Conflicts and Alienations that must be mitigated - - - before acquisition purification, use. 8. The pollution and other externalization costs of acquisition, purification, transport and use of them. 9. Who claims ownership, control, and domination over the above considerations. 10. The anticipated future peaking in the rate of use of each resource - - - due to the ultimate exhaustion of the known limited supplies of the raw-resources inside of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially- Totally-Isolated from all possible Extra-Terrestrial-Significant-Deposits of the same Raw-Resources within God's Solar-System, Milky-Way-Galaxy, and other more Distant-Galaxies - - - which are Essentially-Inaccessible-to-US.