Course Keys **** The following are among the appropriate foci and questions that it will be helpful for students in a course on Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts to focus upon: 1. What can "outsiders" do, to facilitate the work of people who are trying to mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts? 2. What can "outsiders" NOT-DO to facilitate the work of people who need to mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts? 3. What are "outsiders" likely to do, that will not facilitate people's efforts to mitigate their Alienative-Conflicts? 4. What can "outsiders" do to learn lessons from Alienative-Conflicts - - - that can help the "outsiders" to better mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts. 5. With what HELPFUL: attitudes, desires, hopes, intentions, assumptions, convictions, beliefs, conception, values, ideals and virtues IN-MIND --- should "outsiders" begin their study of Alienative-Conflicts? What should they avoid? 6. What kinds of interactions between "outsiders" and "insiders" are most likely to be helpful - - - and how can such interactions be facilitated? What kinds of interactions are likely to be destructive? Why so, in each case? 7. What are people likely to: neglect, avoid, be-ignorant-of, ignore, and/or be-misled-by - - - in the above kinds of efforts? 8. What realities are likely to: distract, confuse, paralyze and/or mislead people in the midst of the above efforts? 9. What should be on a regularly-to-be-used CHECK-LIST; to be considered by people who are trying to be helpfully present in the above kinds of efforts? 10. How can people facilitate learning from mistakes made - - - while they are present in the above kinds of efforts? 11. What various influences and responses are likely to flow from the presence of Domineering-Bullies, Mobbing-Mobsters, and/or True-Lovers within the above contexts? What can be learned be being sensitive to and thoughtful about those influences? 12. What helpful roles can be played by Open-and-Honest-Graceful: Descriptions, Prescriptions, Proscriptions, Commands, Demands, Threats, Attacks, Excommunications, Shunnings, Myths-of-Redemptive-Violence, etc? 13. Interviewing each other, and additional-other-persons, to identify the latent and potentially Alienative-Conflicts which might evolve between/among people-of-interest - - - then work on getting to the point that each person can describe the perspectives and beliefs/feelings of each other --- to each other's satisfaction. 14. Attempt to verbalize/articulate/write-down - - - the tacit/implicit attitudes, assumptions, values, ideals, principles, goals, hopes, aspirations, etc. - - - that are most compatible with each person's expressed perspectives and beliefs- feelings of each other person --- and engage in open-and-honest-dialogues about what has-for-the-most-part previously been only tacitly/implicitly "present". 15. Attempt to bring out into the open - - - any latent, tacit, implicit - - - games of mutual self deception which are in some ways related to the present Alienative-Conflicts; and engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about the games of mutual self deception - - - and about the core-natures of the self-deceptions present within the games. What truths are being denied, repressed, suppressed, ignored, etc. What lies/pretenses are being implicitly/tacitly denied? 16. Mark the words following with a code number indicating your sense of the nature of the personal-aspects to which each word points as-you-understand-each-word: 5 ==> Very-Helpful, 4 ==> Helpful, 3 ==> Neutral, 2 => Alienative and 1 => Very-Alienative. View each word as suggesting aspects of a person, their character, their behaviors, etc. - - - that you characterize in typical situations - - - by your choice of a code number. 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 00 Honest Forthcoming Transparent Authentic Cooperative Balanced Modest Humble Arrogant Confident 10 Generous Hospitable Helpful Judgmental Gracious Moral Ethical Succcessful Rich Wealthy 20 Powerful Influential Assertive Violent Coercive Dominant Domineering Mobster Addicted Reverent 30 Religious Spiritual Meditative Reliable Loyal Patriotic Militant Assertive Observant Alert 40 Empathetic Sympathetic Defensive Protective Secure Aversive Defensive Insecure Depressed Unrealistic 50 Simplistic Realistic Naivete Attractive Trustworthy Tense Intense Calm Methodical Thoughtful 60 Considerate Intelligent Belligerent Imposing Creative Imaginative Explorer Stable Dynamic Energetic 70 Initiator Helper Reconciler Courageous Tenacity Responsible Responsive Articulate Intelligent Thoughtful 80 Gracious Diplomatic Gentle Kind Authentic Alienated Integrated Exclusive Animosity Shunned 90 Superior Inferior Excellent Reliable Conformist Trusted Assertive Submissive Codependent Loner 100 Romantic Dreamer Visionary Intimate Friendly Lover Talker Diplomat Bully Mobster