Course Keys **** Neither persons nor communities can reasonably hope to maintain their personal-or-communal integrative-processes nor their integrities - - - IF they grant to any Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters the RIGHT-TO: 1. Concentrate Wealth-and/or-Powers in Alienative-Ways. 2. Initiate-and/or-Maintain Alienative-Conflicts of any kind. 3. Play Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about any: Truths, Falsehoods, Pretenses, Injustices, Limited-Resource, Exponential-Growth-Process, Environmental-Degradation, Virtues, Vices, Alienation, Myths-Supporting-Redemptive- Alienative-Processes - - - or other related processes/realities. 4. Set-Standards regarding: Right, Wrong, Good, Evil, Tolerance, Intolerance, Morality Immorality, Ethics, Honors, Punishments, Rewards, Excommunications, Shunnings, Banishments, Exclusivity, etc. 5. Regulate what may be the focus of Open-and-Honest-Dialogue, in what places, times and/or circumstances. 6. Regulate Mutually-Agreeable Open-and-Honest: Dialogue, Friendships and Intimacies among close-friends of like powers. 7. Definitively-Define what is: True, False, Certain, Doubtful, Possible, Impossible, etc. Granting any of the above as RIGHTS to Domineering-Bullies and/or Mobbing-Mobsters will tragically undermine INTEGRITY!