Course Keys **** Creative-and-Integrative People are admired because they Transcend the-Limiting-Aspects of their own Culture-and-Community in regards to: 1. Confusing and Misleading Traditions, 2. Respect for Destructive-Violence-and-Coercion, 3. Pretense and Dishonesty, 4. Bullying and Mobbing, 5. Alienative Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers, 6. Greed and Covetousness, 7. Collusive-Games of Mutual-Self-Deception, 8. Success based upon Coercion, 9. Egocentricity, 10. Insensitivity to Poor People's Experiences with Alienation. Insecure-Defenders of the above-traditions technologies and means --- do not admire people who are creative, integrative and/or tolerant of explorers of new kinds of open-and-honest intimacies; BECAUSE such people do NOT ADMIRE people who FAIL-TO-DEFEND The-Myths-of-REDEMPTIVE: Alienative-Conflicts Violence Coercion Power/Wealth-Concentrations Excommunications Games of M.S.D.