Course Keys **** Healthy and Authentic Virtual-Relationships which exist in our: imaginations, visions, dreams, desires, etc. - - - may be experiences as real-relationships - - - even though only one person may know about the Virtual-Relationships. Through the course of the evolution of Virtual-Relationships the one person who knows about the Virtual-Relationships may learn more through them - - - many people learn through being tragically involved in what are commonly regarded and reported as having been "real" relationships which have clearly affected many "real people". Through Healthy and Authentic Virtual-Relationships One-Person can test various ways of approaching and becoming involved-in meaningful-intimate-relationships with real people - - - by honestly envisioning the likely outcomes of various approaches, attitudes and behaviors; and discerning which approaches are most likely to lead toward personal and communal integration-processes and integrities - - - and which other approaches are least likely to lead toward any such personal and communal integration processes and integrities; and doing so without generating real alienative-conflicts and/or alienation. Evolving Healthy and Authentic Virtual-Relationships can be a helpful process! Of course, there are some risks that are also present - - - if the involved person is NOT-honestly-envisioning-the-likely-outcomes.