Course Keys **** Why is it that people who are preoccupied with "guaranteeing-outcomes" have so much difficulty in making sure that the "outcome" are "as-guaranteed?"? Consider the following few possibilities: 1. Such people are inherently insecure-and-defensive; e.g., Domineering-Bullies who cannot trust others who are: a. Like Themselves - - - insecure-and-defensive. b. "Different", misunderstood, unreliable, non-conformists, etc. c. True-Lovers who believe in "strange" ideas, ideals, hope, expectations, etc. - - - regarding: hospitality, love, hospitals, generosity, sharing, distributive-justice, grace, forgiveness, reconciliation, cooperation and honesty. 2. Such people are trying to accomplish goals that are Inherently-Impossible-to-Accomplish; e.g. to BE-IN-CONTROL-OF HUMANE: relationships, perceptions, emotions, desires, thoughts, hopes, aspirations, visions, desires, thoughts, communications, intimacies, dialogues, cooperation, collaborations, etc. 3. Such people are refusing to acknowledge the factual-realities about the Limited-Resources that are inside of GOD's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth such as Usefully-Pure-And-Accessible amounts of: fossil-fuels like oil, coal, natural-gas, U-235, U-238; air, water, soils, biomass, and minerals without-which modern-civilization cannot be sustained. 4. Such people are refusing to acknowledge that God's Accurate-and-Reliably Descriptive Objective-Laws are not going to change, be-repealed, amended or violated by any coalition of any kind of mortals - - - at any time or place; nor by God-Herself! 5. Such people are playing mandatory Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about: immortality, perfection, purity, superiority, invulnerability, progress, exponential-growth, economics, righteousness, salvation, redemption, heaven, hell, who- is-EVIL, who-is-GOOD, and what-is-God's-Will. 6. Such people are trying to deal with truly-complex-realities in terms of simplistic-ideologies that are in conflict with each other. 7. Such people are confused about the differences between vices-and-virtues; dilemmas-and-technical-problems. 8. Such people confuse conformity-to: pre-scriptions, pro-scriptions, pre-requisites and scriptures - - - with Personal- and Communal: Present-Integrities and Integration-Processes. 9. Such people regard Letting-Go of: greed, controls, perfection, superiority and/or their Requirements-for-Acceptance; as sure-signs of the presence of: Evil, Failure, Damnation and other works of The-Devil. 10. Such people are Unilateralists and are opposed to having to be vulnerable within: cooperative-efforts, collaborative- efforts, open-and-honest-dialogues, intimacies, reconciliation, balanced-mutuality, hospitality, generosity, & LOVE. 11. Such people try to freeze "good-relationships" to preserve them in their "ideal-form" - - - to be used and re-used as standards and prescriptions throughout eternity within the Whole-Cosmos wherever Our-God-Is-In-Charge!