Course Keys **** People: admire, honor, respect, imitate and work-with each other for many contrasting reasons - - - and with many different kinds of outcomes for them, for their communities, and for the relationships among them all. People's perceptions of and experiences within the above processes and relationships - - - may be coherent and/or may be incoherent, integrative and/or disintegrative, cooperative and/or contentious. It all depends upon what kinds of people they are - - - deep within their hearts! People's processes and relationships are: robust, sustainable, coherent, healthy --- or NOT; depending upon how well they affirm and demonstrate the following kinds of behaviors as honorable: ideals, values and virtues; within coherent combinations and permutations of priorities: HEALTHY-KINDS-OF-REALITIES NOT-Healthy-Kinds-of-Realities Honesty Pretense Cooperation Domination Hospitality Greed Generosity Hoarding Sharing Concealing Openness Secrecy Kindness Bullying Colaboration Domination Offerings Demands Suggestions Commands Demonstrations Prescriptions Distributions Concentrations Integrations Fighting-Contentiously Welcoming Excommunicating Accepting Alienating Including Excluding Integrating Purifying Facilitating Ordering/Commanding Dialogues Preaching Liberating Constraining How well our relationships evolve; depends upon how well we as individuals-and-communities cooperate in demonstrating the above Healthy-Affirmations AND upon how well our communities accept, affirm and echo-back such healthy-demonstrations. Healthy-Demonstrations by True-Lovers are Tragically-Often destroyed by Domineering-Communities of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing Mobsters; who do not welcome nor understand what True-Lovers are affirming or demonstrating in positive-kind-ways. Our common dilemma is that Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters covet being in control, in charge and dominant in: Wealth, Power, Prescriptions Proscriptions, Judging and Punishing - - - in Predominantly Alienative Ways. Those Alienative-Ways undermine and destroy most kind kinds of Personal and Communal Integrities - - - exposing the lack of integrity in the Myths that affirm the Redemptive-Powers of: VIOLENCE, COERCION, PRESCRIPTIONS, PROSCRIPTIONS, JUDGEMENTS, AND ALIENATIVE-LAW-ENFORCEMENT-TECHNIQUES. Echoing back to Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters - - - their own Alienative-Approaches to-each-other; only augments those Alienative-Approaches and so leads tragically to More-and-More PERSONAL-AND-COMMUNAL DISINTEGRATIONS - - - NO MATTER how SINCERE and GOOD the intentions may be or appear to be.