Course Keys **** People who are professionals in charge of great concentrations of power and wealth: find that it is useful to spend great amounts of their time and efforts in "Justifying/Rationalizing" Great-Concentrations of Wealth-and-Power. Why is this the case? Great Concentrations-of-Wealth-and-Powers lead in highly predictable and reliable ways to the following realities: Corruption Confusion Alienation Violence Alienative-Conflicts Anxiety Terrors Wars-on-Terrorism It is essential to such people to "rationalize" all aspects of the profitable enterprises to make the enterprises more- efficient and profitable - - - to help "The-Economy-Grow" - - - even though "The-Economy" is not a well defined reality and though "Thinking Like an Economist Undermines-Community". Look for the book "The Dismal-Science" with the former quotation as its subtitle!