Course Keys **** One of our most difficult discernment tasks - - - is the task of discerning the REAL: motives, purposes, intentions, plans, missions, desires, hopes, expectations, needs, etc. - - - of Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters; an along with that discernment - - - discerning how they perceive themselves and their own: motives, purposes, intentions, plans, missions, desires, hopes, expectations, needs, etc. - - - in the light of their own belief patterns about their own places within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial Useful-Concentrations of: Fossil-Fuels ==> Oil, Natural-Gas, Coal, U-235, U-238; and Pure: Air, Water, Soil, Lands, and Minerals - - - all of which are threatened by EXPONENTIAL-GROWTHS in their rates of consumption by human greed. The above tasks are exceedingly difficult challenges for people who want to be fair, just, unprejudiced and unbiased; as they try to mitigate the following behavior patters on the part of many Domineering-Bullies and Mobbing-Mobsters: 1. Playing Collusive Games of Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which cannot be WON by anybody!; 2. Perceiving themselves as being guided by honorable/virtuous motives while Concentrating -Wealth-and-Powers; 3. Believing/Honoring Myths which Affirm-the-Redemptive-Powers of: Violence, Coercion, Controls, Conformity, Demands, Commands, Prescriptions, Proscriptions, Wars, Terrorism, Terrors, Damnations, Imprisonments, Punishments, etc. 4. Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers to "Strengthen-The-Economy" so it will "Trickle-Down-Upon-The-Poor". 5. Conflating-Dilemmas and Technical-Problems with-each-other as they try to "Solve-Dilemmas" with Technologies; and Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception about Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts over Dilemmas. 6. Honoring as Virtues; many Vices such as: Greed, Arrogance, Hubris, Absolute-Certainty, Invulnerability, Hoarding, Domination, Insensitivity, Alienation and their supportive-other-related Vices. 7. Honoring: Fears, Anxieties, Terrors, Ignorance and Simplistic-Analyses - - - as reliable guides for making our decisions and acting decisively-and-quickly- - - in complex situations which are dominated by our alienative: conflicts, misunderstandings, ignorance, prejudices, anger and desires for revenge. The above considerations point to major challenges to any people who seek to graciously and helpfully facilitate our efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts among all of the members of the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny- Space-Ship-Earth with Limited-Resources available to us here as the only material resources which are IN-REACH of US. The above considerations suggest many ways in which we participating in creative efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts - - - are likely to get: confused, distracted, inhibited, repressed, perverted, etc. by Domineering-Bullies. This is all the more reason for us seeking to clarify our insights and interests in Mitigating-Our-Own-Alienative- Conflicts as Graciously as we are able to do so in Shalom-Many-Diverse-Gracious-Ways-of-LOVE.