Course Keys **** There exist within some contexts, some good reasons for well-informed and thoughtful: 1. Fears, 2. Cautions, 3. Prudence, 4. Risk-Management, 5. Mitigation of Dangers-and-Risks, 6. Mitigation of various forms of Alienation, 7. Mitigation of various forms of Violence, 8. Mitigation-of-various forms of Controls, 9. Mitigation-of-various-forms of Domination, 10. Mitigations-of: Excommunications, Banishments, Exclusions, Shunnings, etc. In each instance, The-Mitigation-of-Alienative-Conflicts may involve examining how Long-Term-Genuinely-Helpful; for All-of-the-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny-Space-Ship-Earth, each WAY-OF-RESPONDING to Perceived-Feared-Threats --- will likely be Actually-Confirmed as having been: WISE, PRUDENT, HELPFUL, etc. To become Long-Term-Genuinely-Helpful in Long-Term-Confirmed-Ways; many of the people who have been Augmenting- Alienative-Conflicts; need to Let-Go of their traditional ways; and to become less involved in Augmenting-Alienative- Conflicts; and begin to become involved in Helping-Each-Other to Cooperate with Others-Like-Them --- in helping each other to Mitigate-Their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts - - - and in Mitigating-the-fruits of All-Alienative-Conflicts. For a community to be Robust-and-Stable in being Long-Term-Sustainable-and-Healthy - - - there can be relatively few people in the community who are often HIDING their: 1. Fears, Anxieties, Terrors 2. Vulnerabilities, Weaknesses, Risks; 3. Priorities, Hopes, Aspirations; 4. Talents, Gifts, Knowledge, Technologies; 5. Insights, Visions, Understandings, Wisdom; 6. Energies, Powers and Resources. For the above possibilities to be fulfilled; there must be long-term-sustainable, robust and enduring efforts to: Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts OVER The-Mitigation-OF: 1. Violence, 2. Coercion, 3. Domination, 4. Concentrations of Wealth, 5. Concentrations of Powers, 6. Personal-Invulnerability, 7. Myths Affirming-Redemptive-Alienative: Ideals, Values, Virtues, Principles, Virtues, and Behaviors; 8. Playing to WIN Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception; 9. Knowledge about WHO-is-Evil, WHO-is-Good and 10. Knowing-God's-Will and Judgements about - - - - all of the above! Objective-realities-and-knowledge are NOT the necessary-and-sufficient-MEANS for the fulfillment of the above suggested- Mitigation-Efforts. Also Necessary-and-Essential - - - are many Reflexive-Relationships and Ways-of-Communicating Each- Other's Reflexive-Experiences-and-Realities - - - in Mutually: Transformative, Satisfying and Appreciated-Ways.