Course Keys **** It is disappointing and hard to accept the fact that: 1. Very sincere people - - - have often behaved in tragically misguided, destructive and alienative ways. Sincerity is by itself no protection against making terrible mistakes and thereby causing unimaginable suffering and alienation. 2. Very intelligent, highly-educated and imaginative people - - - have created some of the most destructive and inhumane technologies of: torture, war and terrorism; and used them in destructive and inhumane ways - - - while apparently they were being sincere in their efforts to do what was right. 3. People who have been greatly admired, trusted, honored and respected - - - have misled millions of people into complicity in alienative patters of: religious, political, economic, scientific, scholarly and military behaviors. 4. People who have been "honorably" preoccupied with: salvation, redemption, morality, ethics, righteousness, spirituality, scriptures, prayers, etc. - - - have been leaders who have been complicit in many of the above alienative-behaviors. The people and leaders who have most intentionally and reliably AVOIDED-COMPLICITY in the above alienative-activities; have intentionally and graciously: honored, affirmed and demonstrated the contrasting behaviors of: 1. Honesty and Openness in Authentic-Dialogues. 2. Sensitivity and Empathy in Humane-Relationships. 3. Generosity and Hospitality in unbiased ways. 4. Building-and-Maintaining Sanctuary-Communities for All. 5. Facilitate and Supported Authentic Health-Care-for-All. 6. Affirmed and Demonstrated Humility, Modesty, and Balance. 7. Avoiding the Traps of Arrogance and Self-Righteousness. 8. Avoiding the Traps of Technocratic-Idolatry. 9. Avoiding traps of Success through Domination. 10. Avoiding the Traps of Concentrations of Wealth-and-Powers. 11. Avoiding the Traps of Presuming to Know who is: Evil, Enemy, Alien and/or Without-Merit. 12. Avoiding the Traps of Preoccupations with Tying-to-CONTROL: Evil, Enemies, Aliens, and/or Meritless-Coalitions. 13. Avoiding the Traps of Alienative-Conflicts. 14. Avoiding the Traps of Trying to Win in Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception. 15. Avoiding the Traps of Trying to Win in Races-to-Concentrate the most Wealth-and-Powers. 16. Avoiding the Traps of Ignorance of how Alienative-Conflicts-Grow in the absence of Affirmations-and-Demonstrations. 17. Avoiding the Traps of Ignorance about how Conflicting-High-Ideals-and-Values - - - can generate Tragic-Alienations. 18. Avoiding the Traps of Ignorance about Alienative-forms-of Unilateral-Success and Unilateral-Conflict-Resolutions.