Course Keys **** When Domineering-People engage in Alienative-Behaviors - - - it is helpful for other people to engage in Open-and-Honest- Dialogues about what it is about the natures of some behaviors --- which lead in entirely predictable ways to alienation. The following words are descriptive of behaviors which predictably generate many forms of alienation: Greed Covetousness Dishonesty Pretentiousness Arrogance Self-Righteousness Violence Coercion Domination Oppression Suppression Contentiousness Negativity Dichotomizations Attacks Polarizations Threats Exclusivity Intolerance Excommunications Shunnings Exclusivity Rejections Banishments Only Domineering-People who are insensitive to and/or indifferent to the costs of alienation - - - are likely to engage in the above kinds of behaviors which predictably generate many forms of alienation. To help Participants and/or Victims of Alienative-Conflicts to Mitigate-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts we will need to help them to understand how the above kinds of behaviors "make-sense" to the people who engage in them; and to understand why other kinds of behaviors bear sweater fruit for all who get involved, because of the alienative-behaviors.