Course Keys **** Which of the following many realities - - - shall we as communities and as individual-people SEEK TO: Maximize, Minimize; Control, Let-Go-of; Cling-to, Cherish; Mitigate, Augment? Tolerate? WHY SO; in each instance? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Money? Power? Possessions? Honors? Risks? Invulnerability? Security? Sanctuaries? Meaning? Cooperation? Controls? Dominance? Loyalty? Reliability? Dreams? Predictability? Trust? Conformity? Honesty? Dialogue? Intimacy? Fears? Personal-Integrity? Communal-Integrity? Egos? Anxieties? Terrors? Terrorism? Conflicts? Alienation? Focus? Visions? Being-Together-in-Shalom? Shalom? Hospitality? Generosity? Investments? Knowledge? Information? Data? Mythic-Redemptive-Violence? Kindness? Fights? Attacks? Arrogance? Humility? Love? Sexuality? Desires-for-Revenge? Anger? Regrets? Reconciliation? Healing? Hospitality? Profits? Certainty? Truth? Appearances? Advertising? Wars? Fossil-Fuels? Growth? Chaos? Doubts? Coherence? Laws? Demands? Criticism? Negativity? Analyses? Simplicity? Obedience? Authenticity? Truths? Collusive-Games-of M.S.D. Experiences? Descriptions? Expectations? Reliability? Integrity? Predictions? Dreams? Opinions? Points-of-View? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- There are additional ways in which we as individuals and communities may relate to each other and to the above listed reflexive/objective realities. WE MAY FOCUS UPON: 1. How we May-relate-to-them as Individual-Realities while We-relate-to-each-other - - - As Individual-Persons. 2. How we May-relate-to-them as Individual-Realities while We-relate-to-each-other - - - Within Communal-Groups. 3. How we May-relate-to-them as Inter-Related-Realities while We-relate-to-each-other - - - As Individual-Persons. 4. How we May-Relate-to-them as Inter-Related-Realities while We-relate-to-each-other - - - Within Communal-Groups. 5. The extent to which We-As-Individuals and as As-Communal-Groups are regularly, reliably and/or systemically involved in augmenting-or-mitigating Alienative-Conflicts and/or in: Reconciliations, Cooperations, Collaborations, Open-and- Honest-Dialogues, Hospitality, Heath-Care, Healing - - - Within-Individuals and/or Between/Among Individual/Groups. 6. The extent to which outcomes of our above different kinds of relationships are reliably predictable in terms of possible reliable descriptions of how the above listed Objective-and-Reflexive Realities-and-We --- are bound to be inter-related due-to-our-and-their-inherent inter-related-natures --- as is the case with many Objective-Inter- Relationships among Objective: electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, and different coherent combinations of them all --- interacting as composites called: nuclei, atoms, molecules, cells, viruses, bacteria, living-creatures and inanimate objects - - - described by scientists of all kinds - - - in their written reports regarding the conclusions of their well disciplined: research, meditations, computations and open-and-honest-dialogues about their research and their conclusions. We and all of our relationships are demonstrating and affirming personal-and-communal Integrities-and-integration-processes - - - to-the-extent-that there endure-wide-spread-patterns-of: admiration, affirmations and imitations - - - of us and our relationships - - - among all of the Crew of God's Space-Ship-Earth - - - for continuing generations in the sustainable ways of Shalom.