Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies find it easy to Dominate people who do-not-think-very-much; who are willing to accept the isolated- and-disconnected: assumptions, attitudes, ideals, values, principles, perceptions, virtues, etc. which Domineering- Bullies spoon-feed them. Thus, Domineering-Bullies regularly discourage all forms of honest thinking and thoughtfulness and discourage all thoughtful-communications, intimacies and so discourage all Open-and-Honest: dialogue, writing and reading. In keeping with the above "thinking"; Domineering-Bullies often try to trap people-who-think-too-much, BY: 1. Asking misleading-questions and leading-questions - - - and insist then on quick, short, thoughtless responses on the spot - - - with sound-bites that are trimmed of any thoughtful substance, before they are reported in misleading ways in the "News-Media". 2. Reducing "news-reporting" to short-sound-bites that do not interfere with the delivery of a steady-stream of profit- able advertising --- which helps to concentrate wealth and power more completely - - - into the hands of Domineering- Bullies who already have much more-than-enough. 3. Mixing Entertainment-Programs and "News-Delivery-Programs; to distract true-thinkers who are threatening Domineering- Bullies'-Programs of Concentrating-Wealth-and-Powers into their own: Greedy-Hands, Bank-Accounts, Stocks and Giant- Corporations which they own themselves. 4. Discouraging: Generosity, Hospitality, Hospitals-Services while protecting FOR-GREAT-PROFIT-HEALTH-INSURANCE- CORPORATIONS - - - that avoid paying for Preventive-Health-Care, Communal-Health-Care, and Health-Care-for-Pre- Existing-Conditions --- which undermine the GREAT-PROFITS for big-investors in the FOR-GREAT-PROFIT-HEALTH-INSURANCE- CORPORATIONS. 5. Depriving people of quite time to: think about, study, gather-facts-about, and to formulate-gracious-responses to their leading and misleading questions and dogmatic assertions that are made in contentious ways. 6. Providing a constant stream of distracting and confusing activities in the form of busy-work and/or entertainments. While they are trying to entrap vulnerable people; Domineering-Bullies seek to be invulnerable at all times by: 1. Not engaging in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about clear articulations of balanced clusters of mutually-complementary and mutually supportive: ideals, values, principles, hopes, aspirations and virtues. 2. Not taking the risk of affirming or demonstrating any clear support for the essential-foundations-and-integrities --- of both-personal-and-communal integration-processes and present-integrities --- which Domineering-Bullies try to keep hidden and/or keep in situates of confusion and/or chaos. 3. Spending more time, effort and energy upon: negations, contentions, conflicts, polarizations, dichotomizations, threats, attacks, fighting, violence, battles, excommunications, etc. - - - than upon the mitigations of them and/or of the many patterns of alienations that they create - - - because of Domineering-Bullies being tenaciously dedicated to their own Alienative-Processes of Concentrating Wealth-and-Powers for themselves. 4. Objecting to others saying what they affirm, believe and demonstrate --- rather than themselves as Domineering- Bullies being vulnerable in saying what they affirm, believe and demonstrate --- to concentrate more wealth and power into their own hands, stocks, bonds, and banks - - - always themselves avoiding Open-and-Honest-Dialogues about Patterns-of-Fear-and-Alienation that are undermining Civility and Civilization. 5. Fragmenting the Whole-Spectrum of Mutually-Complimentary-Affirmations of Mutually-Complimentary-Virtues --- focusing instead upon isolated claims about Absolute-Exclusive-Truth and about the Unchangeable-Validity of Idolatrous-Ideals that serve the "needs" of those whose purpose in live is to concentrate-wealth-and-power without-limits and without any concern about the costs to the Whole-Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with Limited amounts of: Fossil-Fuels, U-235, U-238, and Pure: Air, Water, Soils, and Minerals and no significant access to any Extra- Terrestrial supplies because Space-Ship-Earth is Essentially-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial locations where such resources could be found and/or used to re-supply Space-Ship-Earth. 6. Augmenting their Myth-of-Redemptive-Violence - - - with its Big-Brothers; The Myths-of-Trickle-Down-Wealth-and-Power, Money-Falls-on-the-Poor; Redemptive-Coercion, Redemptive-Profitable-Prisons, Redemptive-Arrogance, Redemptive-Wars, Redemptive-Terrorism, Redemptive-Unilateral-Actions, Redemptive-Hubris, Redemptive-Self-Righteousness, etc. 7. Augmenting the Myth that "The-Economy" is an Independent-Reality from which the Wealthy Need-Protection so that they, The Wealthy, will be able to help the Poor who are their primary concern. The Wealthy imply that "The-Economy" is an "Objective-Reality" rather than a Reflexive-Reality that is founded upon: Honesty, Authenticity, Personal-Integrities, Communal-Integrities, Personal-Integration-Processes, Communal-Integration-Processes, Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, LOVE, Being-Together-In-Shalom's-Gracious-Ways, Generosity, Hospitality, Healing-Hospitals, Healing-Services,