Course Keys **** Mitigators-of-their-Own-Alienative-Conflicts are impeded when Would-Be-Assistants ( that are ostensibly- seeking to help the participant/victims of the Alienative-Conflicts ) ; become significantly involved in the following: 1. Deciding how wealth-and-power will be distributed among the people with "needs". 2. Who-will-be-rewarded, who-will-be-tolerated and who-will-be-punished. 3. Who-will-be-identified-as-"Good" and who-will-be-punished - - - because they have been identified as "Evil". 4. Assigning: blame, guilt, shame, shunnings, banishments and/or excommunications. 5. Assigning: honors, credits, powers, redemption, salvation, and/or eternal-life. When people conflate-their-roles regarding Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts with roles-of-managing-wealth-and-power; then Alienative-Conflicts are augmented in Alienative-Ways, rather than Mitigated-in-Reconciling and Gracious-Ways-of-Shalom. To avoid long-term Net-Augmentations-of-Alienative-Conflicts - - - we need to work-cooperatively to Mitigate-the- influence-of-the Most-Wealthy-and-Powerful people upon: 1. The articulations of core: ideals, values, principles and clusters-of-mutually-supportive Authentic-Virtues-in-LOVE. 2. Whom we should regard as: GOOD/EVIL, FRIEND/ENEMY, LOYAL-TRAITOR, SAVED/DAMMED, HONORABLE/DESPICABLE. 3. Whom we should: Admire, Trust, Respect, Imitate, Befriend, Revere etc. 4. What questions, issues, conflicts, experiences, insights, understandings, visions, dreams, and Collusive-Games-of- Mutual-Self-Deception MUST-NOT be the focus of any Open-and-Honest-Dialogues anywhere at any time among any people. It is important to be clear about which tasks, responsibilities and powers should not be concentrated in any person or persons - - - because such concentrations corrupt those people who have the ability/duty to manage those concentrations. To the extent that any person or persons have concentrated wealth and/or powers to set communal priorities; they should not be granted the power or credibility to articulate in honored or authoritative ways; human conceptions-of-grounds-for: admiration, respect, honor, trust, promotion, adulation, rewards, advancement or loyalty - - - or the opposites thereof. Great-Wealth-and-Powers Corrupt the ability-and-possibility of clearly articulating clear-and-trustworthy visions of any clusters-of-mutually-complementary: Ideals Values Principles Virtues Attitudes Approaches Perspectives Visions Goals Be-Aware-of and Beware of Arrogant-and-Domineering People who claim to be, or are said to be, incorruptible in these regards! It is the common people who have only modest wealth, power and prestige - - - who are best qualified to be engaged in open and honest dialogue - - - to therein identify the most robust-and-reliable clusters-of-virtues which are most trustworthy when combined-in-mutually-supportive-authentic-clusters which include such realities as above and below: Honesty Gentleness Sympathy Authenticity Empathy Generosity Hospitality Integrity Patience Humility Modesty Flexibility Transparency Reliability Openness Balance Mutuality Fairness Cooperation Sensitivity Thoughtfulness Tolerance Adaptability Diplomacy Prudence Wisdom Understanding Listening Consideration Dialogue Accommodation Compassion Healing Reconciliation Forgiveness Integration Endurance Tenacity Accommodation Compromise It is often helpful in many situations to engage in Open-and-Honest-Dialogues with Domineering-Bullies, Wealthy-and- Powerful People, Mobbing-Mobsters, and People-in-Positions-of-Authority - - - to clarify which of the above realities can be regarded as important foci of attention; in ways that are complimentary to each other for all who are in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue. It will become possible for us to engage in such Open-and Honest-Dialoge - - - only to the extent that we and others are interested in, free, able and gradually liberated by - - - leading each other into-and-through mutually agreeable stages of healthy-personal-relationships. We can gradually learn with each other, how to demonstrate safe-ways-to-let-go of our Alienative: defenses, suspicions, distrust and reluctance - - - related to exploring together relationships within which we can mitigate our own alienative conflicts - - - for the Net-Long-Term-Common-Good of all of us in the Whole Crew to God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth which is Essential-Isolated from all Extra-Terrestrial-Concentrated Energy- Supplies, and Pure: Air, Water, Soil, and Essential-Minerals to sustain our civilizations; now and for all future times. While we cannot unilaterally control the natures of our environments and/or our personal-and-communal relationships and evolutions - - - we can cooperate in leading each other into and through healthy-relationships - - - founded upon many mutually affirmed clusters of the above admirable realities in LOVE. Many people are likely to object to the complexity of the language above - - - but such objections will be of little help - - - if the complexity of the language accurately reflect the complexity of the realities that are described by the above language --- and there is no Simpler-Language which is Equally-Adequate/Accurate. It will be helpful to develop simpler, but yet adequate/accurate language - - - to clarify the complex relationships - - - in as simple ways as can be done.