Course Keys **** Often when we respond to Domineering-Bullies, we are inspired by their kinds of "successes" to copy their prevailing: sttitudes, assumptions, approaches, beliefs, hopes, expectations, intentions, plans, etc. --- in efforts to thereby gain control over the Alienative-Conflicts which they have generated and/or seek to generate. However, when we plant seeds of weeds; we get more weeds! Surprise! If we want to get different fruits from our efforts, than the fruits which Domineering-Bullies grow with their efforts; we need to plant different kinds of seeds than those which Domineering-Bullies plant. We cannot expect to truly mitigate Alienative-Conflicts by using the Alienative-Tools which Domineering-Bullies have used to augment the alienative conflicts which we seek to mitigate. We need to transcend letting our thoughtless emotions of: anger, rage, resentment, fear, terror, and anxiety - - - to drive and guide our decisions and actions in response to Domineering-Bullies Alienative-Actions. Raw thoughtless emotions are not reliable guides or motivators!