Course Keys **** Students in a course that focuses upon Mitigating-Alienative-Conflicts need to work cooperatively upon: finding, studying being-in-open-and-honest-dialogue-about; and writing-their-own-thoughts about: 1. How most helpfully to respond to Alienative-Conflicts within their own lives, families and communities. 2. Diverse resources in scholarly: studies, papers, books, articles and conferences regarding "Best-Practices" in their responding to people's: blunders, mistakes, threats, attacks, violence, alienation and alienative-conflicts. 3. How most helpfully to describe each other's: concerns, needs, ideals, values, hopes, priorities, talents, gifts --- in ways that each other affirms as fair, accurate, sympathetic and empathetic. 4. What fundamental assumptions, attitudes, perspectives, values, ideals, and clusters-of-coherent-virtues need to be nurtured --- to facilitate all of the above activities and relationships. 5. Call to each other's attention what they have found for themselves to be the most helpful resources, thoughts, insights and "best-practices" in terms of the use of: concepts, vocabularies and rituals --- within objective/ subjective systems-analyses and disciplined-research-paradigms - - - wherever they may have been published. 6. What to do in Practical-Ways to Constructively-and-Helpfully Shift-Attention Away-From: a. Getting-Even, b. Revenge, c. Punishments, d. Being-in-Control, e. Unilateral-Actions, f. Domination, g. Concentrating-Wealth-and-Powers, h. Invulnerability; By Shifting Attention Constructively-and-Helpfully TOWARD: a. Patterns of Cooperation, b. Patterns of Colaboration, c. Net Over-All-Gain For-All of the crew of Space-Ship-Earth In-the-Long-Term, d. Letting-Go of Alienative-Thoughts/Behaviors, e. Hospitality, Hospitals, Healing and Generosity, f. Building-and-Maintaining Sanctuary-Communities For-All, g. Systemic-Distributive-Justice and Healing, h. The Essential-Foundations for True-Robust-Sustainable-Security For-All, i. The Essential-Foundations of Personal-and-Communal Integration-Processes and Enduring-Integrities.