Course Keys **** In Helping-to-Mitigate-Alienative-Conflicts - - - we need to graciously help those of us involved to become aware of, acknowledge, describe and try to be in dialogue with each other participant/victim about: 1. Those concerns of each person that have not yet been: expressed, acknowledged, described, talked about, paraphrased and/or confirmed-as having been well-paraphrased. 2. Those concerns of each person that HAVE BEEN EXPRESSED: inadequately, tangentially, by-implication, timidly or even overtly - - - but have NOT been acknowledged by others, NOT been clarified, and NOT been the focus of Open-and-Honest Dialogue, and NOT been paraphrased by different other people - - - to each other's real-mutual-satisfaction. 3. The foci of Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception - - - which are poisoning the: thinking, perceptions, attitudes, judgements, perceptions and behaviors of at least some of those people who are: complicit in, participants in, and/or victims of the Alienative-Conflicts. 4. The Participants'/Victims' differences as regards: cultures, religions, beliefs, doctrines, central-rituals, values, ideals, economic-systems, principles, polities, traditions, etc. - - - which stand hidden in the shadows --- and are perhaps dominating Their-Alienative-Conflicts. 5. Grudges held against persons alive today, due to what ancestors did - - - and how persons now alive can move beyond those Alienative-Grudges. 6. The often tragic ways in which we are motivated and guided by thoughtless and immature emotions as we respond to mistakes, blunders, stumbling and alienative-conflicts that are guided by our: Greed, Fear, Ignorance, Terror, Anxiety, and other intimately related debilitating-realities. There is much that we ALL need to cooperate on in the Overall-Long-Term, to: Reduce, Mitigate, Heal and Transcend - - - for the sake of ALL VICTIMS' and PARTICIPANT'S SAKE.