Each person and community affirms their own, other's and the community's unique forms of personal/communal integrity in cooperative/collaborative ways - - - only to the extent that they ALL: 1. Let-GO of their desires, hopes, intentions, plans and "needs" to be: Dominant, Invulnerable, Superior, Exclusive, Intolerant, Wealthy, Powerful, Pure, Superior and/or In-Control. 2. Are free, able, willing and ready to honor what is creatively-unique with-integrity with-each-other-being- authentically-themselves with respect-and-admiration toward-each-other who is being-well-integrated in Shalom's-Ways. 3. Affirm each other's rights to engage in balanced-and-mutually-satisfying: intimate, honest, creative and sustainable communications; within Communal-Sanctuaries built-for and maintained-for-ALL and by-ALL. 4. Acknowledge, clarify and honestly describe all of their own (and their environmental) limits-and-limitations --- within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth; moving through the Whole-Space-Time that is God's-Cosmos. 5. Acknowledge, clarify and honestly describe the Unchangeable Regularities which are the foci of Globally-Agreed-Upon Accurate-Descriptions of the: Objective, Scientific and Well-Confirmed Laws-and-Theories that TRANSCEND: Mere- Speculations, Uninformed-Opinions, Untested-Hypotheses, Political-Contentions, Religious-Dogmas, and Economists'- Hypotheses. 6. Are authentically committed to facilitating both objective-and-reflexive Systems-Analyses of all relationships within which they are participants/victims: intentionally, complicity, unwillingly, tragically, idealistically, simplistically, profitably and/or blindly. 7. Are willing to take informed, prudent and wise RISKS to facilitate both communal-and-personal integrations-and- integrities while Together-in-Shalom's-Gracious-Ways. Be Graciously-Together in Shalom's Many-Ways.