What is the Essential-Nature of the "thing" which is called "The-Economy"? What are its component parts/aspects? Where is "The Economy" to be found? What can we-do; about what "The-Economy" does-to-us? What does talking-about "The-Economy" as a "Separate-Objective-Reality" do-to-us? Is "The-Economy" Essentially a "Reflexive-Reality" echoing-our-own: "Trusts", "Hopes", "Expectations", Fears and Terrors? To what extent can "The-Economy" be controlled by any Powerful-Coalition in times of crises about "Trusts" and "Hopes"? Which of our Hidden-Assumptions-and-Attitudes need to be Examined very carefully in spite of Our-Games of Mutual SD? "The Economy" has many diverse aspects/components and complex inter-relationships-with-other-realities which we barely know exist and virtually never describe in Open-and-Honest-Dialogue. 1. The "spirit" and "spiritual-aspects" of "IT". 2. The reflexive-perceptions we have of "IT" as being separate from US. 3. How and in what ways we talk/write about "IT" as separate from US. 4. The levels of and kinds of financial-transactions we engage in. 5. How much we trust-each-other-stranger within "IT". 6. What Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception we play regarding "The-Economy". 7. What levels of "Distributive-In-Justice" are built into "The-Economy" which we TRUST? 8. Whom can we blame for what "The-Economy" often does to most of US? 9. How much "The-Economy" is just a GHOST of our own Hidden-Behaviors? 10. How much "The-Economy" is just the echoes of our Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deceptions which we have not yet won. "The Economy" depends primarily upon the following realities which are rarely the focus of our communal attention: 1. Communal Health of the Whole-Community as One-Reality. 2. The nature of Authentic-Personal-Integrity. 3. The nature of Authentic-Communal-Integrity. 4. The nature of Authentic-Open-and-Honest-Dialogues within Truly-Authentic-Communal-Sanctuaries. 5. The reliability and sustainability of our Cooperative-Efforts to Mitigate-Our-Own-Alienative-Conflicts. 6. How Truly-Scientific are the Works-of-Professional-Economists as compared to the Works-of-Magicians? 7. The Concentrations of the various forms and amounts of wealth by Domineering-Bullies? 8. What forms of human Behaviors are authentically recognized as worthy of respect, honor and support, if not REVERENCE. 9. What forms of human Ideals, Values, Principles, Virtues --- are worthy of respect, honor and support, if not REVERENCE. 10. What forms of human Traditions, Rituals and Habits are truly worthy of respect, honor and support, if not REVERENCE. Domineering Bullies are skilled in Seducing-People into Playing-Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception --- about what could become the Net-Long-Term Advantage to ALL-OF-THE-CREW of God's Space-Ship-Earth due to US-ALL MITIGATING-OUR-OWN: 1. Alienative-Conflicts, 2. Alienations, Estrangements, Excommunications, Isolations, etc. 3. Ignorance-Prejudices-and-Biases, 4. Contributions to Global-Warming, 5. Contributions to Rising Ocean Waters entering most of our Largest-Cities in God's-Space-Ship-Earth, 6. Contributions to the Extinctions of major fractions of many kinds of species in God's-Space-Ship-Earth, 7. Patterns of Secrecy, Deception, Dishonesty, Pretense, - - -