Course Keys **** Domineering-Bullies sometimes create social contexts and circumstances in which the most helpful thing for a responsible healthy person of integrity to do/say is: "I do not have anything to say at this time." In such a situation it may be that: 1. A prejudicial question was asked ant it would not be helpful at that time and place to try to say how the question is prejudicial. 2. The question may be an intentional or accidental trap, where any response will be likely be taken as evidence of guilt. 3. It will not be helpful at that time/place to try to confront or expose the persons who are dominating the situation. 4. It may be most helpful to quietly exercise the right to remain silent under the terms of the U.S.A. Bill-of-Rights in the U.S.A. Constitution. 5. To say anything may be to become entrapped in accepting some unspoken false or misleading assumptions --- which are being protected by one ore more Collusive-Games-of-Mutual-Self-Deception which are there and then pervasive; and it would not be a good time to expose those tragically misleading games then and there. 6. It will often be helpful to thank people for pointing out the importance of facilitating Open-and-Honest-Dialogue about particular issues, questions and Alienative-Conflicts, and indicating a reluctance to presume to say anything helpful without first seeking to become Well-Informed about different people's perspective on how most helpfully to facilitate cooperation among Participants/Victims of the Alienative-Conflict(s) which have come to light. 7. Haste will lead to waste. Patience is often essential. None of us can be fully competent and helpful in all areas of concern --- without adequate preparation --- and we need to be modest about how much we can presume to do well on short notice. Gracious Mitigations of Our-Alienative-Conflicts take: Time, Patience, Study, Careful-Listening, and Informed-Consideration of Reliable-Evidence.