Course Keys **** The following texts suggests some steps in developing an inventory of the points of view of members of a class of students seeking to learn how to facilitate other people's efforts to mitigate their own Alienative-Conflicts: The following statements are to be rated with integers: from +3 for strongly meriting support as essential to long-term maintaining personal-and-communal integration-processes and present-integrities, security, and health; to -3 for appropriately viewed as likely-to-undermine long-term personal-and-communal integration-processes and present-integrities, security, and health. 1. Clearly-Described Moral-Standards stating what is Right, and what is Wrong; what is Good and what is Evil. 2. Clearly-Described Ethical-Standards stating what is Right, and what is Wrong; what is Good and what is Evil. 3. Legislation which clearly defines levels of criminal behaviors and punishments which are to be imposed --- to discourage those levels of criminal behaviors and to protect the community from criminals guilty of them. 4. Provisions for departments of police, justice and prisons to fully enforce all of the above. 5. Provisions for and the use of Capital-Punishments to prevent the violation of the most extreme of the above standards for appropriate behaviors within the community. 6. The prudent use of Banishment, Ostracism, Shunning, Exclusivity, and Excommunications --- in support of the above standards which describe what is right, wrong, good, evil, tolerable and intolerable. 7. The use of Holy and Sacred Scriptures to guide all of the above provisions and procedures. 8. The use of Scientific-Research to find out which of the above procedures really work in daily practice. 9. The use of purely objective evidence in finding out which of the above procedures really work in practice. 10. Focusing primarily upon what is God's Will in all of the above procedures. 11. Focusing attention upon the Roots-Of: Alienation, Estrangement, Polarizations, Dichotomizations, and related break- downs in (a) Open-and-Honest-Dialogues, (b) Cooperation, (c) Collaborations, (d) Personal-Integrity, (e) Communal- Integrity. 12. Focusing attention upon how to most Graciously-Help Participant-Victims to work together to Mitigate-their-Own- Alienative-Conflicts and Forms-of-Alienation. 13. Focusing upon how to Control-Alienative-Conflicts when that becomes necessary to protect the community. 14. Focusing upon how to eliminate Alienative-Conflicts from the community. 15. How to conduct a global war to eliminate terrorism from the world. 16. How to conduct a global war to eliminate terrorists from the world. 17. How to conduct a global war to eliminate false religious teachings from the world. 18. How to conduct a campaign to maintain the freedoms of For-Profit-Corporations to run profitable business ventures to maximize their investors unlimited-net-gain on their investments. 19. How to liberate corporations from governmental controls and regulations that violate the constitutionally guaranteed personal-freedoms of corporations-treated-as-persons with personal-rights-and-privileges. 20. How to administer governments in ways that support the provisions of the constitution including the Bill-of-Rights for all citizens regardless of traditional ways of discriminating against them and segregating them according to some hierarchy of relative degrees of superiority and inferiority. 21. How to prevent any coalitions of people of any political persuasion to undermine corporations abilities to conduct business in ways which will exponentially grow their businesses and profits; without externally imposed inhibitions. 22. How to Amend the Bill of Rights and the Constitution so as to more fully assure the Rights-of-Corporations to earn high rates of return for their investors. 23. How to regulate the efforts of the United-Nations so that they will not undermine our most successful economic system. 24. How to protect the rights of Christians around the world to take their Superior-Message to people in all nations. 25. How to protect the rights of Energy Companies to tap into the endless supplies of oil, natural, gas, coal, U-235, U-238, and all other concentrated forms of energy --- to meet the demands of our expanding economy for more energy. 26. Encourage all corporations to grow fast so as to meet all of the demands of their customers for goods and services. 27. Protect the rights of wealthy and powerful people to buy unlimited goods and services, including the advertising of their ideals, values, virtues and corporations to all citizens within God's Astronomically-Tiny Space-Ship-Earth with its finite supplies of pure and/or concentrated: Air, Water, Soil, Energy, Minerals, etc. --- that are essential to Good-Living. 28. Publish the best authorized text and interpretation of each set of religious scriptures. 29. Strengthen each branch of our nation's military services to fully protect our security in all parts of the world. 30. Protect the rights of people who are demonstrably superior, talented and hard-workers --- so that our economy will constantly grow stronger. 31. Prevent lazy people from being able to live comfortably at taxpayer's expense. 32. Insure that the majority of the people in the nation will never be able to undermine the superior people who know how to run the government properly to reward the superior people for their superior efforts. 33. Prevent any erosion in the traditions regarding what forms of open and honest-intimacies will be tolerated in the community as a whole. 34. Make sure that all nations in the world move in the direction of adopting our kind of economy and our kind of democratic government. 35. Support Successful Economic-Hit-Men who defend the rights of U.S.A. Corporations to engage in profitable ventures all round the world --- without unreasonable inhibitions by the natives of other nations. 36. Protect Christian Americans against the efforts of Muslim-Extremists to undermine our Christian-Nation. 37. Protect all of the rights of the Original-Indigenous Native-Born-Americans. 38. Defend all of the Civil-Rights of ALL U.S. Citizens. 39. Grant all Religious-Groups equal financial support to carry out their religious activities without hindrance. 40. Grant all Religious-Groups equal financial support to carry out their humanitarian assistance programs. 41. Support peoples right to teach the Creationists' Theory of Evolution in public schools with equal levels of support along with Darwin's Theory of Evolution. 42. Support the rights of Christians of all kinds, to place their kinds of monuments on public properties.