Course Keys **** We are "Superior" people we are prone to generate alienation and destructive behaviors as we demonstrate, affirm and defend our sense that we are: 1. Entitled to special privileges that most others are not entitled to. 2. Special-People, Superior to Other-People, who are Inferior-People. 3. God's Chosen-Few. 4. Incorruptible Good-People who can responsibly put Great-Concentrated-Powers-and-Wealth to advancing God's Will. 5. Custodians of God's Eternal-and-Absolute-Truth. 6. Called-by-God to Save-Others-Unilaterally --- as His-Agents-of-Love. 7. Able to Identify Who-Is-Good - - - and Who-IS-Evil - - - for their own good. 8. Custodians of God's Essential-Means-to-Salvation. 9. Able to Resolve-Dilemmas with our Superior-Techniques-and-Technologies. 10. Protected by God, against disintegration/decay/confusion/decay/corruption/death. 11. Called to Concentrate Wealth-and-Power to Glorify-God according to His-Will! 12. Called to Rescue Simplistic-Fools from their Perverse-Ways-of-the-Devil!