Course Keys **** The Mitigation-of-our-Alienative-Conflicts is not probable/possible in the prevailing presence of the confusions-and- prejudices about the roots-of, the nature-of, and the fruits-of --- our Alienative-Conflicts. The Mitigation-of-our Alienative-Conflicts is best facilitated by True-Lovers who have NOT supported Domineering- Bullies involved within the Alienative-Conflicts; e.g., by NOT-ACCEPTING their Conflicting-Points of view, questions and/or Required-Responses as being NET-helpful in-the-long-term - - - for the Crew of God's Astronomically-Tiny Space- Ship-Earth with its finite natural resources. In the absence of True-Lovers working to Mitigate Low-Level conflicts during times of relative-peace - - - Domineering- Bullies behave in Alienative-Ways which Augment-Alienative-Conflicts --- and it becomes increasingly difficult for True- Lovers to be effective in the middle of overt acts of terrorism-and-war. Violence then Grows during Peace-Times!