Course Keys **** Objective-Facts and Scientifically-Proven-Descriptive-Laws are NOT the Necessary-and-Sufficient Essential-Tools with which to Graciously-and-Helpfully Mitigate-our-Alienative-Conflicts Within-the-Crew of Space-Ship-Earth where we have More-Than-Enough: Distrust Suspicion Doubts Insensitivity Cynicism Negativity Domination Violence Coercion Wealth-Concentrations Instabilities Confusion Chaos Prejudice Power-Concentrations Biases Ignorance Provincialism Arrogance Corruption Self-Righteousness Exclusivity Shunning Excommunications Banishments None of the above play Gracious or Helpful role in helping us to Mitigate-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts; because relying upon any of them to help us - - - - only Augments-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts; from which the above flow in abundance! Most of the above realities play Central-Roles in Creating-and-Augmenting our enduring Alienative-Conflicts! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We need to Let-Go of all hope in finding in the above the tools with which to Mitigate-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts; for otherwise we will not be able to focus our attention in any effective way to recognize what is the path on which we can walk cooperatively together discovering how to Mitigate-our-own-Alienative-Conflicts through giving our attention to Truly-Essential realities such as: Trust Hospitality Generosity Sensitivity Affirmations Confirmations Liberations Kindness Gentleness Distributive-Justice Dynamic-Stability Clarity Integrations Dialogues Receptivity Tolerance Inclusivity Explorations Humility Responsiveness Humility Modesty Empathy Sympathy Welcomes